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BBA, Associate of Arts in Social and Behavioral Science and Psychology, Trustee for State College, Substitute Teacher, and Entrepreneur for over 30 years.

YEARS AGO, when KELLIE CARTE-SEARS learned her young grandchildren were moving to a different city from where she lived, she decided the best way to assist them with this change was to find a book that would help them embrace their emotions and let them know everything would be okay - a book that would show them moving didn’t have to be so scary but could be fun and adventurous. But she couldn’t find a book that was “real” in a way that her grandchildren would connect.


About Series

Social Emotional Learning

Moments with Massy™ is a Social Emotional Learning children’s book series that provides children ages 4-12 years of age, a meaningful way to understand emotions and cope with changes.

Written in a mindful, relatable, yet playful rhythmic style that resonates with children; adults will rely on the emotional support embedded within each book bringing a sense of security during changes and challenges that children experience. Moments With Massy™ was developed to open lines of communication, to identify children’s feelings, acknowledge commonality, and ultimately provide positive instruction that leads to a path of emotional growth, wellness, and self-confidence. With understanding comes compassion which results in messages of support, unconditional love, and happy endings.

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Moments With Massy


Have fun coloring and playing games with Massy and Blue!

Have fun coloring and playing games with Massy and Blue! Simply download and enjoy these entertaining activities. Show us your child's talent! Post to our FB and Instagram account (see links below contact page) using #MassyandBlue #MomentsWithMassy

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My book “Moving Away Will Be Okay!” is in stock at the Barnes and Noble bookstore Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio

Let’s see if we can find it!
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An Excellent Resource For Anger Management

This is an excellent resource for anger management at home or in school. The author is very effective at showing different scenarios in which children all get angry. All are relatable and some are also humorous. I any case, children are able to identify with these three friendly characters as they navigate their emotions and deal with their families. Each situation calls for a practical and simple response in handling it, helping children to feel secure in their handling of everyday frustrations. This book is truly a winner!


Embedded Tools For Self Regulation

I'm a mom and teacher and I absolutely love this book. I appreciate how this book not only shows how both humans and animals experience being angry, but how to self-regulate. I teach the "Happy Place" tool and the "Counting Tool." I believe social emotional learning is important and children need to know that they have embedded tools in them to self-regulate. I highly recommend this book and series.

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A Great Book To Help With Emotions

My daughter and I love reading this book together. She’s starting to learn what all her different emotions are and how to understand them. This is a wonderful book with a great message (Just like the first book!!)! The illustrations and characters are also beautiful, colorful, and interesting. We look forward to the next Massy book!!!

Kati S.

"What a creative way to put a child’s worry at ease! The story explores helpful ways to remedy what could be a very anxious time in a child’s life.  Children and parents will enjoy reading as Massy resolves her worries about moving. I look forward to more Moments with Massy.”

Melanie Allen
Director - Sandusky County Department of Job and Family Services

“I really enjoyed reading it (Moving Away Will Be Okay!) and feel that the content will be helpful for children struggling with transitioning to a new home.  Rhyming provides a nice beat that often times stimulates a child's attention and keeps them interested as well as enhances their ability to recall information and content. I also enjoyed how the story progressed to recognizing that there would in fact, be changes but recognized that change does not have to result in all things negative.  I found that the end of the story presented a sense of hope for a child that their new house can transition into a new home.”

Patti Schwan MSW, LISW-S
Counseling and Therapy - ProMedica Physicians Behavioral Health

"Children open their understanding when they find that others face challenges similar to theirs.  Kellie Carte-Sears has created a story that will help children meet the challenges of insecurity during a home moving process.  What a delightful story!"

Joyce Hall-Yates, J.D.
Vice Provost, Dean, School of Arts & SciencesTiffin University

“Kellie Carte-Sears’ new book Moving Away Will Be Okay! has what so many well-intended and often beautiful children's books often miss—a protagonist (Massy) who is wise and compassionate for her young age, but an example for young readers and listeners as they journey through what can be a fairly traumatic experience for children—moving! With all the adventure, visual beauty, and rhythm of a great kid's book, Moving Away Will Be Okay! also gently guides a child through what might at first seem scary to a point where they come to see the experience as an adventure, and the place they arrive as --home--. A must for any family on the move!”

Rodney Miles Taber

“I felt that it (Moving Away Will Be Okay!) was very engaging to young children and will do well at keeping the children entertained and interested in the story. I think that this will be an excellent resource for children.”

Dr. Stephanie Tiell
DNP, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC Child Psychiatry – ProMedica Physicians Behavioral Health