BBA, Associate of Arts in Social and Behavioral Science and Psychology, Trustee for State College, Substitute Teacher, and Entrepreneur for over 30 years.
Moments With Massy

YEARS AGO when KELLIE CARTE-SEARS learned her young grandchildren were moving to a different city from where she lived, she decided the best way to assist them with this change was to find a book that would help them embrace their emotions and let them know everything would be okay - a book that would show them moving didn’t have to be so scary but could be fun and adventurous. But she couldn’t find a book that was “real” in a way that her grandchildren would connect. So Kellie went home and wrote her first book "Moving Away Will Be Okay!". Shortly after, she wrote her second book, "You're Not Bad, We ALL Get Mad!".

Released in 2020, "Moving Away Will Be Okay!" quickly gained stellar reviews, worldwide sales, and gained Bestseller status. Her second publication, "You're Not Bad, We ALL Get Mad!", gained the coveted #1 New Release status. The newest book "The Power of a Flower!" , a book about determination and teamwork, is due out late summer 2021. Look for a new release mid-summer of 2024!

Aside from her professional life, her greatest pleasure is spending time with her husband and family. Her grandchildren range from 10-18 years old. They continue to motivate her and assist her with the books. It's an "all hands-on deck" process from beginning to end which she feels is the reason the books are so relatable and popular.

Kellie's psychological comprehension as it relates to positive interaction and behavior, provides her with an ability to directly understand and connect with others. Using her experiences, insight, and the gifts God has given her,  she is offering her books as a positive way to assist children and families during changes, challenges, and new opportunities.


Moments with Massy® is a fun children's book series focused on Social Emotional Learning for children 3-10 years of age. This series provides positive and meaningful ways for children to understand emotions and cope with changes.

Written in a mindful, relatable, yet fun (often silly) and playful rhythmic style that resonates with children; adults can rely on the emotional support embedded within every story. Each book will bring a sense of security during changes and challenges that children experience. Moments With Massy® was developed to open lines of communication, to identify children’s feelings, to acknowledge commonality, and ultimately to provide positive instruction that leads to a path of emotional growth, wellness, and self-confidence. With understanding comes compassion which results in universal messages of support, encouragement, determination, unconditional love, and always happy endings.

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