Social Emotional Learning

Moments with Massy® is a fun relatable children's book series focused on Social Emotional Learning for children 3-10 years of age. This series provides positive and meaningful ways for children to better understand emotions in order to cope with changes, challenges, and new opportunities common to growing up.

Written in a mindful, relatable, yet fun (often silly) and playful rhythmic style that resonates with children; adults can rely on the emotional support embedded within every story. Each book will bring a sense of security during changes and challenges that children experience. Moments With Massy® was developed to open lines of communication, to identify children’s feelings, to acknowledge commonality, and ultimately to provide positive instruction that leads to a path of emotional growth, wellness, and self-confidence. With understanding comes compassion which results in universal messages of support, encouragement, determination, unconditional love, and always happy endings.


Find meaning and fun in each story as Massy is guided by her lovable cat Blue through life changes and challenges that can often times be confusing and overwhelming for children. The Bestseller Moving Away Will Be Okay! has reached readers from across the globe. This story assist children through a moving process, a transition that can often create anxiety, be scary and confusing for children.  Blue wisely navigates Massy through this adventurous move to a new home. Rest assured all frowns are turned upside down with a heartfelt message at their destination.

Vetted by a LISW-S and Child Psychiatrist, in You’re Not Bad, We All Get Mad! Massy and Blue are joined by their new friends. If you are looking for the Best Book for understanding and learning about anger, look no further. Children will better understand the normalcy of anger, what can cause anger, what to avoid, and ultimately what children can do in a positive manner to help manage and control their anger. You will embrace the heartwarming message that awaits you at the end of this book.

Massy and her cat Blue are joined by their friends to plant a seed in her back yard in hopes of growing a magnificent flower. This will be a flower that brings joy to Mother Nature, fulfills a mission of helpfulness to others, and brings the friends together with a shared vision. But what happens when they face adversity along the way? What happens when it appears their goals are nothing more than a distant dream? How do they address the setbacks which bring disappointment and require them to make tough decisions? Find out what happens in The Power Of A Flower, a
fun-filled entertaining story

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