You’re Not Bad, We All Get Mad!

by Kellie Carte-Sears (Author), Anahit Aleksanyan (Illustrator)

Size: 8.5" X 11"
Children's Ages: 4-10 * Preschooler* Kindergartner*
School-Aged Grades 1-5
Genre: Children’s Books, Juvenile Fiction, Moving, Change, Adjustment, Feelings and Emotions
Pages: 32

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Book Description

Anger comes in many different forms and can be very complicated, even for adults. So how do we as parents, grandparents, guardians, educators, counselors……assist a child to better understand a normal emotion that creates unwanted feelings and actions?  You’re Not Bad, We All Get Mad! will help children to better understand the normalcy of anger, what can cause anger, what bad behaviors to avoid, and ultimately what positive practices children can implement to help manage their anger while building self-control and self-confidence.

"Stay calm and make good choices.
Make this your golden rule.
Take deep breaths and count to ten
to keep you calm and cool."

This is a GREAT book for Early Readers and Family Read Aloud Books.  This is a book you will want at home in your child’s library, in classrooms, daycare, churches, doctor offices, counselors…..and always accessible for a few deep breathes and peaceful smiles!



Joyce Hall-Yates, J.D.

"Children open their understanding when they find that others face challenges similar to theirs. Kellie Carte-Sears has created a story that will help children meet the challenges of insecurity during a home moving process. What a delightful story!"

Joyce Hall-Yates, J.D.
Vice Provost, Dean, School of Arts & SciencesTiffin University

Rodney Miles Taber

“Kellie Carte-Sears’ new book Moving Away Will Be Okay! has what so many well-intended and often beautiful children's books often miss—a protagonist (Massy) who is wise and compassionate for her young age, but an example for young readers and listeners as they journey through what can be a fairly traumatic experience for children—moving! With all the adventure, visual beauty, and rhythm of a great kid's book, Moving Away Will Be Okay! also gently guides a child through what might at first seem scary to a point where they come to see the experience as an adventure, and the place they arrive as --home--. A must for any family on the move!”

Rodney Miles Taber

Dr. Stephanie Tiell

“I felt that it (Moving Away Will Be Okay!) was very engaging to young children and will do well at keeping the children entertained and interested in the story. I think that this will be an excellent resource for children.”

Dr. Stephanie Tiell
DNP, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC Child Psychiatry – ProMedica Physicians Behavioral Health